Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day 2010

Did you know I used to totally rock a beard? Yep it's true. here is a shot from Thanksgiving 2006, contrasted with a May 2010 pic. As it stands today july 2010 I am now 159.4 lbs, I was a 300+ pound hot mess. Though I am still a work in progress. I can tell you physically I feel much better. My snoring is gone. Knees feel much better and my doctors couldn't be happier. The best result i've experienced is, I'm genuinely happier. I post this as a reminder. Memo to myself: Don't you give me any more sass when i ask you to do something like do your exercises, I'm trying to prolong your life! A fellow public access producer told me a contemporary of ours passed away from heart failure. I scoured his blog for any indication he was ill. a year back there was one simple entry that just had some sterile information about heart failure. No personal insight.

Let me be real with you. On the off chance that I die sooner than later, I want you to know that this has been the best life ever. Everything happened as it was supposed to and despite various luxury problems I have, It's been terrific and I will agree with what my Grandfather told me before he passed off this plane of existence "it's all good."

I'm going to enjoy this Independence Day, not with the traditional eating grilled meats in sugary BBQ sauce, grazing salted finger foods while pounding brewskis 'till I'm spewing the technicolor yawn into the porcelain altar. I'm going to honor myself. engage in some quiet meditation, exercise without sassiness, eat right. Tell my family I love them.

Here is a great song by Comsat Angels from 1983. i used to listen to this on WLIR when I was a kid. Enjoy. Be good to yourself and others. Live.

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