Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Checkerphil In Japan

As a little tyke I always wanted to visit Japan. Now I finally did it!

The first half of the trip was Narita, Nagoya, Kachigawa, Aichi I went to Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines. I learned about Yamas and Dashi floats, walked in castles made in 1500s and hung out with some cool people and ate some delicious food.

And I got to take the Shinkansen twice!

Here are my pictures from my trip to Nagoya, Aichi and surrounding areas.

The jewel in the crown was to go to Budokan because there was a Buono! reunion concert! I got to hang with many Jpop fans from all over the world.

Here are my pictures from Buono! Fest!

I went to the Tokyo Anime Center, Suginami Anime Museum, Met my RHPS people and went to Tower Records, Toho Theater in Shibuya to see Godzilla and the Fred Perry flagship store. I also met with my Godchild and her mother for some fun and shopping at Akihabara then off to World Happiness 2016 at Yumenoshima Park to see Tokyo Ska Paradise! Then home!

Here are my pictures from Tokyo that I took.

Below are pictures my friend and local Handyman, Shiny took:

My Vegan lunch!

Shiny-San and me!

Local Celebrity Tiger Mask

60s and 70s rock bands from Japan

My Dinner: Nutty Curry at Ainsoph. journey

Gianinna-San and Junko-San

Raul-San and I

Returning to New York I had some quick observations on the diffrences between here and Japan:
it smells like garbage here, 
army guys with automatic weapons
lots of cleavage.
everybody walks wherever they want.
people that listen to music and sing out loud.
openly crazy people.
we stand wherever we want on the escalator.

More later. I'm Jet lagging.