Saturday, June 25, 2011

Phil's Day

Thank goodness its Saturday!

Woke up. Strange dream last night that I was living in a strange house with a million different roomates. Gahh. what a mess. Glad my roomate is such a chill dude.

Phone has a email message from the union. Teacher layoffs have been averted. That's good news.

Prayed. Brushed teeth. exercised, took a breakfast out of the cabinet. 3 days of prepared breakfasts left. I'd better get on that and make more. I meditated for 10 minutes. Kept being distracted by my life. Be still.

Took shower. Did a little cleaning. Spoke to Jen and Ned. I gathered some clothes to take to the cleaners.

Busting woman at the cleaners hump for not sewing my pocket like I requested. I was taken aback when she pointed out she did sew the pocket as requested and I was whining about the other pocket.

Ouch! I totally had to humble up. I got totally pwned. In my face.

I ran to class through Tompkins Square Park and got there on time. Tai Chi class was great. we went nice and slow. I like when my sensei shows me the practical applications to the moves.

Texting with my homey Tesfa about how Green Lantern could have been better and how I had no expectations on Xmen first class (in fact I expected it to suck but it didn't.)

Met up with my pal Ladd he is very wise. For lunch I went to Number 1 on 1st avenue for Steamed vegetables w tofu, cashew nuts, brown rice, black bean sauce on the side. I was trying to concentrate on my meal but there was this big mosquito with a menacing probiscus. Stay away from me! I don't want to kill you. hmn maybe i can lose myself in the place-mat about the Chinese Zodiac. I am a Fire Sheep so lets see what it says:

Sheep people are creative and elegant. Sheep are somewhat quiet, timid and prefer anonymity. Sheep tend to have a difficult time with romance. Anyone who couples up with a Sheep must be aware that this Sign has a hypersensitive streak and can be subject to periodical anxiety over seemingly insignificant things.

Gahh. No comment. Pwned by a placemat. Maybe that mosquito has Malaria or Dengue Fever!

I saw the local video store place was having a sale. They had the first season of Big Bang Theory so I snapped it up. I also bought an animated Underdog DVD I may have already had but whatever.

Today I am excited because I am making something new for dinner. this might seem old hat for you but I have adhered to a small list of maybe four different dinners for the past two years. I have all the weapons of war assembled (ingredients) but I cannot cook it in my 3.5 qt Cuisinart sauteing pan. Sauteing is for slow cooking at a low heat while stir frying involves high heat. In order to accomplish my goal, I will need a wok. Just as well because I always wanted a wok ever since I met this woman Debby at the TV station who swore by her wok and always made kick ass meals.

So off to the Broadway Panhandler on 8th st. I got a special Joyce Chen Pro Chef 14" Excalibur Nonstick Wok: 2.0mm carbon steel construction. Reinforced Excalibur nonstick interior coating is perfect for high heat and tough enough for metal tools. It has a 25 year guarantee. W00t! I also got a Joyce Chen angled bamboo spatula and 5" Stainless Steel Strainer, Handy for scooping foods out of hot oil, boiling water, or simmering broth.

From there I went to Casey Rubber Stamp Design at 322 East 11th Street (b/w 1st and 2nd aves) to order a rubber stamp for my address. John the owner keeps it so real and knows his stuff so he get my official rubber stamp of approval. I also bought 2 new stamps. One is a unicorn and an atom for my collection. I also bought 10 granny smith apples from the fruit stand $2 for 5. Ya just cant beat that for the apples size.

Once I got home I put away my stamps and washed my apples with Dr Bronners Peppermint soap. perfect for fruit and vegetables!

This would be the section where I talk about my delicious dinner but I am exhausted so I will make a separate blog for this grand event. suffice it to say I made it ate it, washed and dried the dishes and put them all away.

Ever since I bought my new sketchbook I am going to attempt to draw in it every day. today I drew a picture of myself.

From here I'm going to pray and go to bed. it is 2:09am Reminder to mention that to Peter. That's his number.

More tomorrow.