Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday Crumble

What a great Birthday! it was tons of fun! I got lots of sweet messages via facebook, emails and my cellphone runneth over with well wishers. I really feel loved this year. Most importantly, I feel happy about myself. I spent some quality time with my friend Zack Brown who shadowed my whole day from early morning to late evening. We hung as I went on with my days errands. I also called my friend Judy who it was her birthday too (YEAH!) Zack and I laughed and played chess and ran around all over NYC.

Zack in addition to creating Kernel Traffic and working for Google has also also invented a fun new game called Crumble (Patent pending) It's a strategy game along the lines of Chess and Go it starts with a checkerboard pattern so you know I like it! I invited him to come onto the Checkerboard Kids Program and talk about it! I think it would be a perfect candidate for The International Abstract Games Organization (IAGO) I highly encourage everyone to take a look and give it a try! and don't forget his Crumble blog! Go cop that!

Zack playing Crumble in Sony Plaza, NYC

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wild in the Snowy Streets!

Yesterday was so much fun! I went to therapy and was so pleased to see it was snowing. it didn't stick to the street but it accumulated on car hoods and windows I spent the night making snowballs and throwing them at various buildings. It was night and there wasn't anybody on the street. It was fun just playing and laughing like a looney. On Sunday, I turn 41 years old. Is this my second childhood? This has been the best year ever. Of course there were mad ups and down but this is life! Like they say in RENT "No day but today"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chess Now:Juliana vs. The Bishop

Heres a couple of candid behind the shots of Chess Now featuring Juliana a lovely girl from Brazil and Peter from zERO gRAVITY. It was a fun episode!

The shoes on the desk are a tribute to tragic Chess superstar from New Orleans, Paul Morphy (1837-1884) who had an arrangement of womens shoes near his bed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There But For Fortune

I was walking to a friends house this past Tuesday in the village and on the side of the NYU dorms there was a large representation of a Chinese Fortune Cookie fastened to the side of the building. As I drew closer I saw you can actually pull out your own fortune. So I did!

Lol! Are you trying to tell me something giant cookie?