Sunday, May 18, 2008

Checking Out the Museum!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Today was the last day of the Gustave Courbet exibit so I went down to go get some culture but I must confess I had ulterior motives! I really went to check out the exibit on Superhero fashions. Well how was it? Fanboyilly speaking it had some cool stuff like Christopher Reeves Superman outfit as well as a faded Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman outfit from 1976. Two spiderman outfits, Iron Man proto type outfit , Batman outfit, Catwoman outfit. Mystique from the X-Men movies and a bunch of corny fashion outfits that were supposedly inspired by superhero looks. as my dear comic coveting homeboy Delmo Walters Jr would would exclaim: TWY AGAIN! Dont even get me started! The coolest thing they had was premire issues encased of course but so close you could drool on it. Action Comics 1, Tales of Suspense ( first Iron man apperance) Marvel Spotlight first appearance of Ghost Rider, and a whole bunch of others! It totally won me over it was totally worth it being in the same room as those books!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Phil Goes On A Date

Yep I went on a date with a pretty important person that I had been neglecting as of late. Myself! I had been so good lately so I think I really deserved a night out. So after work I went all out. The first day of Iron Man! Woo hoo how fanboy can ye get? So how was it? I'll say this I feel best Comic film since Superman 2, well at least Spiderman 1. Looking Forward to Hulk, Indiana Jones and a couple of others. $11.50 a movie ticket? Better movies better start coming out or the industry is totally screwed. Mark mah words! ' Nuff Said!