Sunday, June 7, 2015

Notes to Myself for My 2020 High School Reunion

I went to the High School of Music & Art, (Class of 1985.) First graduating class of  LaGuardia School of the Arts. I'm going to post my reunion photos below so I can better find them in the future or in anyone else is looking for them.

In the year 2020 I will be about 52 years old. So I hereby send this note to myself.

Yesterday was my 30th High School Reunion. It was enjoyable to mingle with fellow students, reminisce and see the old school grounds. The following morning I thought of some handy tips to better maximize the enjoyment of the next reunion 5 years from now in 2020.

1.) Be more interactive. Do my best to talk to as many people as I can and see how they're doing. Be present and listen. I found myself looking at photographs I took during this years reunion and saying "I wish I would have spoke to this person more to or find out how that person was…" Even more so every person I spoke to online said: We should have spoke more. Word.

2.) Don't be so insecure about not remembering peoples names. Ask now instead of pondering and trying to recall from memory. Reminder: like you, all these people have lives, families, jobs etc. they don't have time to cram reading the high school yearbook to remember who's who. (but good idea tho!) 

3.) Although you didn't really know this person or that person like that back then doesn't mean you can't get to know who they are now.

4.) Go to the student planned event next time and research the menu. Everyone got to gather at BBQs and since I am I vegan I stayed away. Id been there before and there were never any veggie options well guess what? I learned times they are a changing and they now have Veggie burgers. I could have ate there instead of having a veggie burger alone in a nearby diner. Argh! Hindsight is 2020. Luckily so will be the year.

5.) Keep taking care of yourself and watch the knees. The best thing about hanging with a whole bunch of people your age you see everyone seems to have the same ailments, eyesight and knees.

In the odd event that something happens and I pass away before 2020, How freaky would it be that you're reading a blog post by a dead person right now?

Special note: Since it will be 2020 so by then the DC Cyborg film will finally be out. See it the week before. it will probably be an early Summer release so it should be out by the 1st week of June 2020 much like my 35th High School Reunion. Enjoy both! Hopefully see you then!