Saturday, June 23, 2007

On my way to the Mermaid Day Parade

Salutations dear reader I am Checkerphil!

I’m trying to create a perfect hassle free existence. Crazy huh? Lets see if I can do it!

The first thing I promised myself this year I was going to finally begin a blog so here I go. This is day 3 of my experiment. I just wanted to start logging in all the stuff I do it all so I can see what works etc. Bah! I will better explain it when I return.

Right now I'm preparing for today’s event. .Every year for about the past 13-15 years rain or shine I've been escorting Suzanne Muldowney to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. This is the 25th anniversary and Sue will be debuting Sylvia the Silver Mermaid!

Suzanne is famous for her portrayals of several character, especially Underdog. You can peep her lil' fansite at . I hope the live action Underdog film doesn't flip her heck out.