Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Standard Lunch/Dinner 2011

For those that want to know what I eat. Here it is. This is my standard meal I eat it for lunch every day at school, packing it with me or taking it with me on trips to Coney Island or wherever I'm going where good food choices are not available. sometimes I have it for dinner too. Everybody is always "don't you get bored?" There is a lot of variety to be considered. different lettuces, types of beans, quinoas, tomatoes, sprouts etc. I pick and choose my battles very carefully and getting sexy with my food is not an option.

1) Sprouts. Don't pay more than $1.99. I pay $1.50 at Gracefully. ive seen em for $2.99

2) Add Arugula

3) Add Baby Spinach

4) Add Washed Lettuce Red or Green (or both!)

5) Add Cucumber

6) Add chopped habañero pepper. Warning use rubber gloves when chopping peppers. I made sure hands were thoroughly washed but started noticing burning sensation under my fingernails. things got worse when I mistakenly touched my eye. At least I nipped it in the bud before I went to the bathroom! Yowch! My Uncle Tony was the first to warn me about this.

7) Add Chopped Peppers and Carrots: I like to combine, red, orange, yellow, green and Italian light green.

8) Add tomatoes and capers: I like Heirloom, kumatoes or campari tomatoes. I like bigger capers as opposed to tiny dinky ones.

9) Add Crunchy Sprouts they seem to be sprouted beans with little tails.

10) Add Egg Whites: I prefer Brown eggs with omega 3s added. Then add olive oil, black pepper, adobo and sea salt.

11) I bake yams in the oven then refrigerate them to take them to school etc.

12) Add Quinoa and beans. If I have black quinoa, I use white beans. If I use red quinoa, I use white or black beans. If I use white quinoa I use red, pink or black beans, I slice the yams add Sauteed spinach with red peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms.

13) Steamed Vegetables: I like trying different ones. I picked red cabbage because it turns bright magenta when you microwave the leftovers. I try to get every color in my food except blue. Rachel Trachtenburg recommended I add blueberries. Like with smoothies even If I add one blueberry it will all taste like blueberrys. yuck! She also told me I might want to add pink grapefruit to my salad. I don't know if I'm ready for that. I think If I want blue or pink in my dinner I will start eating those organic edible flowers.

14) Add 2 slices of Arnolds wheat bread. Now I can eat. Bon Appétit!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rolling Rhinos Video Shoot

2009: Vince Lombardi from Rolling Rhinos went underground for a video for Webbafied.

Update March 2011: here is the video with my cameo. (Word up!) Enjoy!