Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water Aerobics: Not For Wimps!

This young lady is holding a "noodle". It seems innocuous enough until you get it into the pool. it is one of the weapons in the water aerobicisers arsenal.

I really hate going to the gym. Its repetitive. It's boring, like being on a treadmill. (Actually I prefer being on the elliptical machine.) So In order to step it up a notch I started doing water aerobics. I got my speedo swim cap. (no rubber flowers) I think I was the youngest guy in the class and a woman was all like "I think you're in the wrong place whippersnapper!" I must admit I was a little intimidated but its hot outside and I'm grateful to be in a pool. The instructor arrives and we begin. Much to my surprise this stuff is hard. after a while I'm thinking "Do we get breaks up in here?" the answer is a resounding NO. I'm thinking I gotta finish strong I don't want to wimp out in a room full of a peeps in their golden years! at the end of the class I felt pretty accomplished. A couple more sessions and I started noticing a further range of motion in my extensor digitorum longus muscle. (I started noticing a stiffness during Tai Chi.) There is a lot of chop busting in that class but people are always willing to help a brother out. Man i have to learn how to tread water or I'm gonna drown in the shallow side of the pool and that would totally be ultra embarrassing! The class I went to yesterday we had equipment that looked like big toys, bright yellow weights. I was amused. that is until I put them under water these things got heavy and hard to move around. Then there is this noodle thingy! ya got to push this down and it really makes you tired! in any case you haven't seen the last of me yet! I'll be back!

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