Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the night before X-Mas vacation

Today was a fantastic day. I am really loving the new pad. it is raw and needs work but the kitchen is getting there. I made dinner for my roommate and I. We prepared salad with sprouted beans. alfalfa sprouts. 2 slices of wheat bread; arugula. romaine and red lettuce. adobo. capers. with cucumber. campari tomatoes. chopped red. green. yellow and light green peppers. olive oil and the last of the balsamic vinegar.

I am quitting balsamic forever. Watch out for Balsamic Vinegars being sold for cheap prices. Investigate thoroughly because the 2 stores that I saw the balsamic said: May contain lead. No thank you.

I also made sweet potatoes in the oven and sauteed some spinach with olive oil. onions. garlic and red pepper. Alec. my roomate does not like mushrooms.

After our fine repast I proceeded to clean up the dishes and clean the stove and it was totally a pleasure with the introduction of the internet radio. I spent most of the night listening to Sirius First Wave (I guess its because its not so "New" anymore. ) It is a great station!

That's all for tonight the kitchen looks very nice again. my food and plates are away and my breakfasts for the next 10 days have been packed . I am so happy! I am going to meditate before I sleep tonight. I feel extra thankful.

Good Night!