Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rhyming Word Association Game

I was doing a little writing this morning and this silly thing is what came out.

That furry pink pelt.
Goji berries and spelt.
Watching ice cream melt.
Buying a brand new belt.
Thinking about how I felt.
Playing the cards I'm dealt.

Translation: Oh God! I have to eat healthier things! One too many vanilla shakes have made my belt buckle pop, but i'm not bummed because this is how I yam rolling at this moment in time. The only thing constant in this universe is change. As go I.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Behind the Scenes with the Trachtenburg Family

The past couple of days I had been working with h the Trachtenburg Family on the new Rachel project! I don't want to spill any the beans of the coolness that is going down but I guarentee it will be fun for every girl and boy! The stalwart crew is headed up by Franklin who built the set and the guys have been top notch. The behind the scenes antics is like a show within itself! I'm not going to give away the cool guests and what happens on the show but I will show a couple of shots of the set and behind the scenes fun! I cant wait to see it when it's completed!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Don't Know A Thing About Love

Photo: Reflection of myself in my Mothers headstone

What a difference a year makes. Today I went to visit my Mother's grave. Last time I visited her I was a hot mess. This time around a combo of therapy, spirituality, Tai Chi and meditation has really led me to a better existance. So although I was still sad and missed her, I wasn't a basket case crying more out of self pity than actual sorrow. There has been a shift in my attitude. I really like myself better. Every day I try to remind myself put the focus on others and away from me. By being constantly mindfull of others I can better "do the right thing". Today I had a real example that I have begun to grow up. When I returned from the graveyard I was sitting at a bus stop and I saw an old ex-girlfreind of mine walk by. My initial instinct was to jump up and say "Hi!" But a lightning fast diagnostic evaluation of the situation reminded me during the span of our relationship I'd done this girl so wrong on so many levels. Saying "Hi!" Forcing an unwelcome, awkward confrontation would be a totally self serving, egotistical move on my part. Once that initial thought passed, I thought what would be best for her? So I prayed for her. I wished her health, happiness, love and a knowledge of self. Making this decision filled me with satisfaction and peace. As Major Garland Briggs said in Twin Peaks: "A job well done is it's own reward." True that. When I got home I picked up a book this ex in question gave me and she inscribed on the title page part of a poem that said "I Don't Know A Thing About Love" Perhaps I'm finally learning a thing about that. If I can paraphrase Depeche Mode for a sec here: If I surrender heart and soul, Sacrifice to a higher goal I'll be moved by a higher love.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me and My Tai Chi

Photo: A Yin and Yang on the Dojo Door with double dragons that I like.

I've been studying Tai Chi since March 2008. I have this teacher Roldan that is cool and funny and makes it fun to learn. He also acts and sings and does many things in addition to his keeping up his martial arts skills. I just wanted to shout out the Dojo website: Nisei Goju and Roldan's Blog

Here's a clip of Grand Master Roldan. Normally I'd ask "Hey! Wheres the Furious Five?" but after seeing this clip I dare not.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Angering My Roomate

Totally got in trouble for playing Tenacious D's "City Hall" like 20 times in a row. He started banging on my wall. "The first couple of times it was interesting but can you stop it now?" I said "of course after I play it 2 more times." One more time would not be an even number. The song rules, judge for yourself! While youre on Youtube peep out Karate, Kyle Took A Bullet For Me and Tribute.