Monday, April 21, 2014

Checkerboard Kids gets Rude Boy George (2014)

If you don't know Rude Boy George yet, let me enlighten you. It's a cool supergroup comprised of members of Across The Aisle, Bigger Thomas, the Duff Guide to Ska and Marco on the Bass!  What's the hook you may ask? They do 80's New Wave tunes in a ska stylee. Tomorrow night they will be on the Checkerboard Kids Program. Don't fret if you miss it.  I'll be sure to post it all online if you can't get MNN where you are. Here is a sample of the action:

… And yeah they even get me to do a lil' singing and skanking on the dance floor! I couldn't resist!

Major props go out to the MNNStaff, Especially Drew and Roberto. My crew is equally off the hook: Anne Marie Offer on camera, Paul Ortiz on robocam, my homegirl Jeany Lee on switching and Rolling Rhinos own Vince Lombardi in the directors chair! I am so grateful for my posse! It makes me proud to put great music on the air lo these many years!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014

If you thought I'd be hob-nobbing at some Mtv Beach House or something like that you were sadly mistaken. Actually this years spring break is a major stay-cation. I am taking time out for for fun though. On Monday I met up with Zack and we headed out to Rego Park to catch up with The New York City Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup Group. We had a love meal at a new vegetarian /vegan buffet called Simple Veggie Cuisine. (95-26 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY, US). On out way home we noticed the moon was looking kind of strange not realizing it was a blood moon on its way to a lunar eclipse.

Here's me finishing my pumpkin soup appetizer.

My dinner was Buddhist Delight, tofu shrimp, "Lion Head" non-meatballs and brown rice with vegetables. And I had the meatless spare ribs. I also tried they vegetarian sushi which used brown rice. Very delicious!