Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Letter From Chef Dave

This just in from Chef Dave via Facebook:

I’m with a friend on Wednesday, and he introduces me to Quinoa. I come to find out it’s the Incan “Mother Grain”. Phil teaches me how to cook it, and now I’m a big fan. Thursday I audition to cater a wedding for labor for 70 people in Brooklyn, and I had given my client a list of ingredients I needed in which to prepare a chickpea salad. I get there, and she had forgotten the chickpeas. I open her cabinets and find a collections of unmarked grain in jars, the client hands me a jar and asks, “Is this Quinoa?” I pop open the jar, put my nose in it, and say, “This is Quinoa”. Not a commercial Quinoa product, yet I prepare it the way Phil had taught me the day before…and I take a scoop of this diced cucumber and tomato salad I had prepared earlier, dump some in the perfectly cooked Quinoa I had cooled down and made a Quinoa salad with cucumber and tomato . The client loves it, she wants it for the wedding and hires me on the spot. Friday I share the story with these affluent members in the upper east side, and they absolutely flipped over the recipe. 5 days later, the New York Times publishes a recipe for a Quinoa Salad with cucumber and tomato. “My” salad. Thank you, Phil.

Way to go, Chef Dave! Glad to be service! :)

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