Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News and Reviews from the Big Apple


A favorite of school lunchrooms everywhere! a yucky skin reveals a mealy inside! I will try again soon and see if it proves me wrong!


Almost paid a full buck for it but for the dough it's a pretty round big ass Apple. Crisp, sweet but not od. Yummy.

Jason Tractenburg told me "You can eat a Fuji on one day, on another day it can taste totally different!

Jason's right. Jes like a box of chocolits, I never know whut I'm gonna git! They range from really meally to excellent. My ongoing research goes on. information inconclusive. I buy only when I'm feeling adventurous and have sufficient backup (a washed polished Gala waiting in the wings)


The best! Consistantly yummy and good!

Granny Smith:

Sour Power! If offered, I won't kick it out of bed, but I might hog the covers. (Sorry vicking your line, but it really applied here!)

Golden Delicious: Sweet yummy can get mealy.

Red Delicious:

Thickest and waxiest of all skins. Sharp tasting. Does not dissapoint. Sometimes too sweet

Braeburn: Taste like what one would recognize as artificial "sour apple" flavoring. Stayed crispy! I dig this one!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Smells like Morrissey

Morrisseys Shirt, No really!

Yep just got back from the Morrissey Concert. It was the best one ever! He did a lot of Smiths songs. I was very close... How close was I ? Well close enough to get part o' his shirt with button. my homegirl Maya got a whole cuff and part of the arm! How fanatic is that?

Shout out to Andrea my soon to be sis in law and her cool cousin and Jen who also came to the show. I enjoyed Kristeen Young, the opening singer, She evoked Kate Bush voice with the eyes of amy winehouse in a mindstate of futurist Klaus Nomis meets Bjorks fashion sensibilities.

In the end Mozz's shirt smelled nice. How sick is that? Sitting, smelling torn shirt fragments after the show. awkward!

click here to see Mayas mozz photos!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Checkerphil appears on Chess Now!

click on photo to watch the episode

MNN: I appeared on this weeks episode of Chess Now when the chess computer couldn't get online so I jumped out from the CG computer and played some callers! You mostly see my hand but I make a cameo. Thanx to the whole MNN crew including the producer Vex, the director Yael and the host Agathe for being so kind and letting me represent! CHESS NOWs website

Power Walking The Lower Loop

I walked the Southern Lower Loop in Central Park! 1.7 miles I know it's light since I used to walk to Astoria and Brooklyn. Feel free to go ahead and diss me. It's okay though because this was a prelim walk concentrating on perfecting my ability to go straight no stopping! My side hurt at first but I worked though it! I even met a nice jogger who I met at Harold Channers Xmas party. (He enjoyed my show clips on youtube ~ YAY!) Here's a pic of me triumphant after my walk. Notice I'm wearing the TFSP T-shirt I designed for their Scottish Tour!

A color version of the Trachtenburg Family

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Power of Pussy

Me petting Pretty Princess

I was sitting here stroking my pussy and I listened over to the next room and I noticed my roomate doing the same! I tell you felines doth rule! Pretty Pretty Princess is so black I can't get shots of her but today I snapped one with my phone I like (It's actually upside down) and below that is a shot I took of Mr Cameramans cats Jimmy and Molly who were foster cats but moved on to becoming his own! *Sigh!* or *Purr!* My roomate says cats calm humans down and help them live long lives! I can see why!. Meow outs go to Suzanne Muldowneys cat Ebony that keeps her calm, Junipers new kitties, Peters Mz. Kitka, Muties Roxy and MMM's cats especially Ritz (RIP)

Jimmy and Molly at home

Two silly cat videos I just love!

I Love Kitty Cats

Kitty Cat Dance

Friday, October 5, 2007

Vegetarianism Up In Harlem

Harlem World is not all Fried Chicken, Waffles and artery clogging fare! In addition to vegetarian spots like No Pork On My Fork on 125th and Adam Clayton Powell (I love that name) you guys can get down with a NEW joint I just tried out called CAFE VEG at 2291 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and 135th Street. They offer a lot of yummy soups, smoothies and vegetarian dishes in addition to a whole bunch of faux meat dishes. The BBQ ribs had me thinking twice. This is a mad unsolicited plug! I like to eat eat cruelty free, not flavor free! If you're like me and happen to be in Harlem, GO CAFE VEG!

Update in 2018: Cafe Veg no longer exists but Jahlookova does and they totally ROCK!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Underdog!

Yep the cartoon character Underdog celebrates his 43rd birthday today! It would be wrong if I didn't represent fully.

Bounty 4 the quicker picker upper!

I was incredibly depressed with existence today then I actually chuckled (rare lately) when I noticed someone had painted a Boba Fett and IG88a on the sidewalk of 63rd Street right off Amsterdam (10th Avenue). I bet it was LaGuardia students, Only they would have enough time, paint and passion to do this. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. They had the means motive and materials! So without further ado exhibit A!

While I'm on the subject of Boba Fett: