Monday, December 31, 2007

Prudenia Shows Its True Colors

(Me in Gray on the bottom trying to get my camera phone to work)

I worked on this really great show for
the Colors Project
(If I must rep a color I consider myself gray, and like most grays we prefer to stay behind the scenes, like space aliens and cats) if you really want to see a fun example of what fantastic artistic things public access is capable of I highly recommend you watch the episode REKINDLE (with the Tisch choir an Harold Hudson Channer as the Narrator) on their website

Wishes For 2008

Thank you for making this the most interesting year ever. My resolution is to be more compassionate and more understanding to friend and foe alike. I will be more honest with myself and others. I will take actions to improve myself in all directions, educationally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Tall order huh? When I was in Mercy college the Manhattan campus used to be inside this catholic school (it was before the Herald Square campus was built) I had this Literacy teacher that really inspired me. He had this vocal quality and and elocution that I just admired. When I asked him about it, he informed me that not only did he used to have an Spanish accent (not a bad thing) but he also had a terrible stutter. Only through practice and working with others he was able to gradually create this kickass voice. He imparted some knowledge that his abuelita used to tell him: "inch by inch every thing's a cinch." Only now, I think I'm beginning to comprehend. If I start with this small space of time (Right now) knowing the right thing to do through making an informed decision (through a a combination of gut feeling, researched information, and recommendations from others with experience in such matters) and then (most importantly) taking action.This positive cycle will be reinforced by the rewards that doing the right thing repeatedly brings. Only then life in the most Mary Poppinesqe way will become a cinch.

This in theory is all well and good but ask in me in a year how this all worked out. Happy 2008 Y'all. It's going to be a happy New Year...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Keep Good Company

Q: What do these gentlemen have in common?

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Albert Einstein
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Thomas Edison
  • Steve Jobs
  • Morrissey
  • KRS-1
  • Philippe Robert Dejean
I'll tell you the answer in a sec if you hadn't guessed already. A little back story first: I walked outside this crisp, fine morning and I saw a list of people tacked onto a scaffold. I was very interested because the paper was of such impressive quality It caused me to stop (because I'm a freakazoid like that) I added Morrissey and KRS-1 because this list also applies to them also (Ironic because in the early 1990s I had this strange dream that god was a space alien and he imparted to me that KRS-1 and Morrissey were prophets that I should heed but I just dismissed it as the psilocybin induced delirium it was) But in retrospect my reverie was correct! They both share a connection I had completely overlooked at the time. Give up yet?

A: !snairategev lla R eW

Heres a couple of websites they plugged on that sheet:

Healthy Eats on NYC's Longest Street

No, not Broadway! Although it's mad long (it goes all the way to Albany if you let it) It is an avenue! Turn your sights over to 14th Street! This is NYC's longest street, spanning two and a half miles long. It is bookended by the Hudson River on the West to the East River (Where we dump the bodies... kidding..) This mighty thoroughfare was the first street in New York to get electric lampposts.

As you know this street with little bargain shops, cheap electronic stores and all sorts of fast food joints and bars each one seedier than the next, Where can I get my vegetarian grub on?

Drum roll please!

Thai ME Up is a cool sandwich shop with great salads, noodle bowls and other healthy goodies! Amir the owner is always on hand and made me a great smoothie! "I'd rather it taste healthy than it taste all super sweet with those high fructose corn syrups" I like the ambiance! He plays some really cool music! All the stuff on the menu can be made vegetarian or not. He even let me try some of the vegetarian dumplings! Great! He assures me the chicken ones are quite good too! I'm sure the menu is online, You can peep their city search page here. You feel free to write a review of your adventures in eating Also you can bum rush their myspace page that you can friend them at!
I'm sure their facebook page isn't far behind! Give them a try!

Reasons To Be Cheerful Paaart Three


Kat Kong napping on my bed. I couldn't resist snapping a pic!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Best Xmas Ever

This past couple of days has been the best in my life EVER. I emailed and spoke; I made future plans to and have hung out with positive friends old and new. I saw some great performances. I ate some great food. I spent time with my family all in the same place and it was all good. I listened to good music, I had meaningful conversations, I listened, I walked some long distances and cabbed it when I felt it appropriate. I took suggestions constructively, I saw two great movies, I tucked my godchildren in and read two chapters of a book to them. I helped others without asking or expecting anything, I felt loved and appreciated on many levels I am about to meditate, give thanks for this life, fill my C-pap with distilled water, set my alarm and sleep.

Not even a year ago I was miserable in pain ready to die rather than suffer another moment here on this planet. I remember a time before that crying at my Mothers grave that I was a total F up and was unrepentantly hurtling towards definite demise.

I am glad I started taking steps to change my fate. Some of my students think life is written in stone and it IS only is if you perceive it is. Life is a prison sentence if you make it that. Surrounding yourself with negative people and situations will create horrible self fulfilling prophesies. I'm no doctor Phil (not yet anyway) but I will say this. A wise man once told me living in the past causes resentment about what has already transpired (a useless waste of energy), living in the future causes anxiety about what will be. (Another useless waste of energy) The only thing you can actually affect is your actions in the present. So stop being a hard headed, prideful jackass like me and handle yo dang business!

Living in the now is a gift that's why it's called the "present"

Don't get me wrong I got miles to go. The giant in Twin Peaks said "A path is formed by laying one stone at a time." I'm just happy right now and putting this down so I can reread this and remind myself when I'm feeling blue.

More Giant Wisdom: Don't search for all the answers at once.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mothra Movie Twin Fantasy @ MNN

Working on a fashion show at MNN. Nice harp huh? No really...