Sunday, August 16, 2009

Canadian Trip - Day 7

My last night in Canada. perfect breakfast. I went to visit my Aunts grave today. Tio Tony's name is also on there. It kind of freaked me out at first but that's life. We are finite temporary beings with a beginning middle and end. Only children and fools in denial think otherwise. None of us escape it or should avoid the inevitable. Acceptance is the key. Once you do, life is easy to live. It's like me and food. Once I used to agonise every second of the day about what and when I was going to eat. Now I know what, when and how much I will eat and I'm happy. All choice has been eliminated now I can continue living my life.

At Titi Suzanne's grave I prayed, watered her flowers and had a good talk with her. It was very emotional. I gave my uncle some privacy and looked around and gravely read the stones. I saw the Hells Angel's grave. Large, very impressive. We drove home and the radio was playing American Top 40 with Casey Kasem from 1981. From the hints Casey gave I was able to discern that that the number 2 song was The theme from Greatest American Hero and Endless Love was number one knocking down Jessie Girl from the top spot. Man, I loved AT40. I would listen to that and Dr Demento religiously. I always wanted to be like Casey Kasem, DJing and doing cartoon voices that had to be the life. It was cool to go back to that time. Xmen were in the John Byrne, Terry Austin, Tom Orchezowski, Glynis Wein and Claremont phase. It was a good time to be alive. Correct that. Life is a good time to be alive. Every day above ground is a good day. Even if things are crappy. life will get better and worse. this is the nature of existence. My goal is to milk this life for all its worth. Better myself, help others. love God. Live. Love and one day die. affect positive change, create things I'm proud of. Even if I die tomorrow I can honestly say that I did my best. I put my head on my pillow and know I'm happy. I like myself. I have good people around me that love and care about me. Every day I wake up alive I have another day to do it all over again until I'm done, whenever that is.

When we got home I made Uncle Tony and I Salad and Salmon with Miracle whip, lettuce with whole wheat bread. Arlene came over and it was time to move into the final phase of the painting. Karine , Phil and Roselynn were coming for dinner and I wanted it done. Arelene DJed playing a combo of System of a Down, Tragically Hip and She Wants Revenge.

Aunt Sue's Sister came over and brought me a blessed Virgin Mary medallion from this old church in Montreal that you have to walk up the stairs on your knees while doing a succession of Hail Marys. She also requested I draw a cartoon of her grandchild, Frederique. No problem. I'm honored. I drew a picture of her daughter Olympic basketball player Patricia Mandeville 9 years ago.

Everybody came over right in time. Arlene and I put the finishing touches on Roselynns portrait and we had a fine unveiling. Everyone though the painting was groovy. Dinner was salad, tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms, capers with homegrown cucumbers. Speckled trout, onions, steamed zucchini and mushrooms with garden grown string beans. After fine conversation and hanging out everyone went home and I said my goodbyes to my cousins. Uncle and I put up the painting. I believe this to be the finest painting I ever did.
Memo to myself: is "6Teen" just a french cartoon? I like the art style. clean.
hmn it's late I have to pack and make breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. I have a long trip back home. Bonne Nuite.

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