Friday, August 14, 2009

Canadian Trip - day 3 and 4

Marjorie Montreal

Wednesday: Made breakfast. Today my Uncle and I meet my cousin Marjorie, a business woman in Montréal. We took the train which was pretty fun and we birdwatched for a bit before connecting with Marj. We have planned to go to her house Saturday and swim at her house Saturday. We saw a nice church with a violinist and ate at a swanky restaurant, people watched and saw some sites from Montreal including the Old Port, the artist area and their Chinatown. We returned home and I had dinner with my cousin Arlene and hung out with my cousin Karine and her boyfriend Phil. We had Tuna fish on wheat, and salad. My uncle has asked me to do a painting for a wall in his house and during my meditation I was inspired to do a portrait of Roselynn my niece, Karine's daughter, whom was born a year after my last Canadian visit.

Uncle Tony, Karine and I

Thursday: it is now 1am and I am staring at a penciled version of the portrait. I have to be up in a couple of hours so I'll make it brief. Today was our slow day. I had a perfect breakfast. I was preparing some breakfasts for the future. And my aunts brother said in French I think you may have miscounted (I count everything in my breakfast) its funny to me because I was thinking the exact thing. Was that 26 or 27 squares of spoon sized shredded wheat? Argh. We left to buy art supplies, stuff for the sound system and vegetables, capers and bananas. We saw orange and green genetically modified cauliflower. We got the green one which was crossed with broccoli and it was true it tasted just like broccoli. Maybe there's something to this frankenfoods. Must they be our enemies? We returned and met with Arlene and made dinner. Uncle Tony prepared fresh Salmon. Arlene steamed veggies and I prepared the salad. Karine and Phil came over and I met Roselynn who was a very well behaved child. Bobby came over and helped with the final adjustments of the sound system for Karaoke night which is a big tradition. My Uncle, Karine and Bobby are wedding singers. My other cousins all sing too. Its a lot of fun. While I was setting up the prelims for the painting my Uncle started playing a cassette of Celine Dion that made my cousins wince. I was amused because I was thinking how Canadian was this? All I need is a tuque and some earmuffs and I can take off to the "great white north". Oh I am here. Beauty, eh?
Roselynn and Karines foot.

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