Saturday, August 15, 2009

Canadian Trip - Day 5 and 6

Friday: I woke up prayed, meditated had a perfect breakfast sat on the swing and chatted with my Uncle then got straight to painting. Arlene assisted she also shares my moms ability to draw and is methodical and a bit of a perfectionist. A good quality especially because time is not on our side. Teamwork made the the dream work. We painted until it was time to make dinner. Pink Salmon w/ miracle whip on toasted Belgian whole wheat. Our Salad was romaine, red and orange peppers, cucumbers and capers, cherry tomatoes from my uncles garden with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. A baked yam. Steamed mushrooms, zucchini and spinach. I saw an episode of 2 and a half men. That show makes my uncle laugh so much. I love to hear him laugh. Afterwards we did dishes. Next we set up for Karaoke night. Roselynn, Karine and her boyfriend Phil came over and we rocked out. I learned something important about Karaoke. You don't do songs obscure tunes you're into. That's only fun for you. You need to do songs people know. Also the doing the Smiths were bringing folks down. Things started getting fun with tunes that everyone can get into like Funkytown and Fame (Irene Cara not Bowie). My Uncle and cousin are wedding singers so they had a ton of karaoke versions of songs. I really hearing them sing. It was like a an all request concert just for me. I loved hearing Mercury Blues, Delilah and my cousin Arlene and Karine sang Dancing Queen by Abba and Spiderwebs by No Doubt (I forgot that was such a great song.) My cousin kept pointing out I do a shtick when I sing. A kind of mocking parody of singing. I'm no singer although I have been recently dreaming of songs that don't exist and I call my phone and record it on my computer. It's gotta be for some reason. Time will tell.

Me on the ferry wearing a Wolverine tshirt. He's Canadian eh?

Saturday 10:12am I am in a car on a ferry crossing the St Lawrence river to Berthier (berty-eh?) I'm staring at Gods face moving along the water. we are on our way to My cousin Marjorie's pad and swimming. It's 31 degrees with a humidity index of 40. That's multiply by 2 add 30 to switch Celsius to Fahrenheit. Sorel is a town that has a lot of bikers. The Hells Angels have a lot of homes here. This means a lot of cool custom motorcycles that would make Johnny Blaze jealous. On the ferry a guy gave a peek at his custom bike. Wen we came off the ferry we saw a whole bunch of custom cars. A ford cobra gt, a few Ferrari's and more motorcycles. Wow.

Noon time writing a friend: I am sitting in a comfy chair in the shade of a tree overlooking a swimming pool. A warm breeze rustles through the tree and fans me while I sniff at the freshly cut grass and write this. I am having a perfect moment constantly. Each moment gets better. I have so much love for God and my family and friends and my life I am so grateful for it. I've done a lot of thinking and speaking about life and death here. It truly is all good. It's all God.

3pm chilling poolside. Swam. Floated. Mmm. Nothing wrong with cruditiés. (San dip) Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, yellow and orange peppers. Writing to capture moment is a little ridiculous especially because I am always trying to be present. 2 small pickles. Salad: curly leaf lettuce, yellow pepper, tomato and celery, a side of Marjorie's famous chickpea salad with cucumbers, onion, tomatoes parsley and love. The fish of the day was Pangasius with onion, steamed broccoli.

I spent the rest of the day being present , conversing listening to tunes. It was fun to see my cousins interacting with each other, quibbling and egging each other on with affection as only siblings can. It made me appreciate the relationship i have with my own sisters. I'm glad I had time this trip to spend with each of them one on one as well as together. We had a whole span of time to make up for.

Cosmo Girls:
Karine, Marjorie and Arlene

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