Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canadian Trip Day 1

I got to the Port Authority early. I had my papers in order. The 8 hour bus ride was pleasant enough. the woman in front of me kept going overboard with tilting her chair back. it only makes me laugh. A Friend hooked me up with this fascinatingly thorough book about the Beatles which I'm in the process of devouring voraciously. Speaking of which I ate my lunch in an away station in Albany: I made: tuna on 15 grain whole wheat bread. lettuce, green and red peppers and grape tomatoes. Also a baked yam and an apple game me the sustenance i needed on the road. I was only had one bar on my phone but I was able to reroute power through my laptop which conked out on the last last lap of the tour. I was pleased to check my facebook and play games against some pals on itsyourturn.com (if you wanna challenge me my username is checkerphil.) i met my uncle at Montreal and we took the Metro to Longueuil where we drove to the lovely hamlet of Sorel-Tracy (2 towns so small they put them together) I hung out with my cousin Arlene and she helped me fork yams and chop peppers and I was able to make a great dinner for my uncle and I. We had Sockeye & Pink Salmon on wheat bread. Salad: Boston and Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red orange and red peppers and capers. Baked Yams and steamed carrots with red onions. We talked all night about relatives, comparing genetic traits and plans for the week. More adventures tomorrow!

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