Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Canadian Trip Day 2

Chillaxing on the porch swing

Are we having fun yet, eh? Today was a good day in the most Ice Cube sense. I had an almost perfect breakfast, I counted out 27 squares of spoon sized shredded wheat (one ounce) 63 raisins (one ounce) a banana and one cup of Soy Milk (8 ounces) all I needed was milled Flaxseeds which in french are called Graines de Lin Moulues. We looked for it in the supermarket for a half an hour. It was worth it so i can have a perfect breakfast tomorrow. my uncle took me to the local Kmart ish store Zellers and bought me a proper fitting pair of blue jeans. (size 36) the ones I was wearing were size 42. then we had a Mr. Rogers moment we walked past a little miniature neighborhood. then soft dissolve to us walking to a house with a shingle of with a needle and thread that read "coutrureire" (seamstress) on it and we walked in and visited his sister in law, Maryse who is a costume maker and saw all her cool costumes! She hemmed my pants even though she had guests over. she was super cool. from there we returned home and prepared salad and Arlene forked the yams and uncle Tony prepared speckled trout he caught himself and seasoned wrapped in tin foil with sliced potatoes, mushrooms, white onions and salt, red pepper, adobo (of course) and cooked it on a barbecue grill. I also learned how to eat fish properly. After that we relaxed on the porch swing and chatted before going to bed. I didn't even have to use my AK. Today was a good day.

My Cousin Arlene and I relaxing on the porch swing.

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Peter Bernard said...

You didn't have to use your AK-47? That WAS a good day.