Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News and Reviews from the Big Apple


A favorite of school lunchrooms everywhere! a yucky skin reveals a mealy inside! I will try again soon and see if it proves me wrong!


Almost paid a full buck for it but for the dough it's a pretty round big ass Apple. Crisp, sweet but not od. Yummy.

Jason Tractenburg told me "You can eat a Fuji on one day, on another day it can taste totally different!

Jason's right. Jes like a box of chocolits, I never know whut I'm gonna git! They range from really meally to excellent. My ongoing research goes on. information inconclusive. I buy only when I'm feeling adventurous and have sufficient backup (a washed polished Gala waiting in the wings)


The best! Consistantly yummy and good!

Granny Smith:

Sour Power! If offered, I won't kick it out of bed, but I might hog the covers. (Sorry vicking your line, but it really applied here!)

Golden Delicious: Sweet yummy can get mealy.

Red Delicious:

Thickest and waxiest of all skins. Sharp tasting. Does not dissapoint. Sometimes too sweet

Braeburn: Taste like what one would recognize as artificial "sour apple" flavoring. Stayed crispy! I dig this one!

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