Monday, October 22, 2007

Smells like Morrissey

Morrisseys Shirt, No really!

Yep just got back from the Morrissey Concert. It was the best one ever! He did a lot of Smiths songs. I was very close... How close was I ? Well close enough to get part o' his shirt with button. my homegirl Maya got a whole cuff and part of the arm! How fanatic is that?

Shout out to Andrea my soon to be sis in law and her cool cousin and Jen who also came to the show. I enjoyed Kristeen Young, the opening singer, She evoked Kate Bush voice with the eyes of amy winehouse in a mindstate of futurist Klaus Nomis meets Bjorks fashion sensibilities.

In the end Mozz's shirt smelled nice. How sick is that? Sitting, smelling torn shirt fragments after the show. awkward!

click here to see Mayas mozz photos!

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