Friday, October 5, 2007

Vegetarianism Up In Harlem

Harlem World is not all Fried Chicken, Waffles and artery clogging fare! In addition to vegetarian spots like No Pork On My Fork on 125th and Adam Clayton Powell (I love that name) you guys can get down with a NEW joint I just tried out called CAFE VEG at 2291 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and 135th Street. They offer a lot of yummy soups, smoothies and vegetarian dishes in addition to a whole bunch of faux meat dishes. The BBQ ribs had me thinking twice. This is a mad unsolicited plug! I like to eat eat cruelty free, not flavor free! If you're like me and happen to be in Harlem, GO CAFE VEG!

Update in 2018: Cafe Veg no longer exists but Jahlookova does and they totally ROCK!

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