Friday, January 18, 2008

Tight A$

G.E.D. (Get Every Dollar) and hopefully invest it in something that will uplift the community as well as self. Just a suggestion, Yo.

What's up with all these people wearing money symbols all over their clothing? The only place I saw that kind of ostentatious bullcrap was Richie Rich Comics. In real life anyone who has accumulated any sort of riches would never wear rock anything so gaudy. Jamaal Bowman speculates in low income communities people have low self esteem issues and have this competition over percieved wealth. (Example: Grills, Rims, OD rope chains and other bling bling.) Truly thou doth protest too much! Have you ever seen a person wear a shirt that says "Sexy" on it? I'll bet you Richie Riches weekly allowance (Pictured here) that the individual in question is NOT SEXY! Saying or wearing it does not make it so, being it does. Be intelligent! Be compassionate! Be educated. Be informed. Be aware, I wish people would be compete over how wise they can be! I cant wait to buy the T-shirt. Maybe NOT!

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