Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Art of Salad Tossing

Kat Kong demonically glares (Left) whilst Violet demonstrates our salad shaking technique.

Lately I've been going through some really traumatic stuff. I can only it put on par with the death of my mother. And no I'm not speaking about the kidney stones either although they too are there. (YES they hurt and NO I haven't passed them yet! Thanks for asking.) As I was saying in these trifling times it's important for me to not forget to take my vitamins and most importantly eat right! My Godchild Xavier was over this weekend so it was important to prepare him a healthy meal (Note: he couldn't tear himself from's "Kids pick the next President". It was so cute he was reading the facts about each candidate weighing all the pros and cons for each one. but I'm mad digressing. I want to speak about salad. Violet (Xavier's sister) and I pulled out all the stops on creating the worlds best salad! Rife with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, a crisp red pepper, spinach and two lettuces (Romaine and Red leaf) we also had kidney (ouch!) beans and brown rice! It is a whole big to do. washing, cutting, drying (caramba, I need a salad spinner!), mixing and especially tossing. we don't willy nilly toss the salad like we would a twenty sider at dungeon crawl or like we'd casually toss smelly old socks into a hamper. When its time to toss the salad we do it with class! We take the salad and shake it firmly it over our heads!

WTF? I just reread this! I must be delirious! You want to hear something even crazier? to celebrate such a healthy meal we followed it up with cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery that just opened on 69th St. and Columbus Ave diagonal from Maya Schaper’s Cheese and Antiques (the shop was the location of Meg Ryan's children's book store in the 1998 Tom Hanks date movie "You've Got Mail") You know what? The cupcakes I tasted kicked major butt. I feel bad for all the similarly themed bakeries in the area. You're gonna have to get your player weight up. No, seriously. Magnolia is calling you out and y'all about to get served!

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