Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pilfers/ Bigger Thomas / Ghost Front @ Knitting Factory

Last night I had the pleasure of MCeeing the Pilfers newest reunion at Knitting factory with a percentage going to National Hopeline Network There was such a positive vibration going on! So shout outs go to the entire Bigger Thomas Massive, Roy Radics, Shay, TC, Kevin Batchelor, Snow White, (Former Toasters Drummer) J-Mac who is in Ghost Front with this dude that sounds like Robert Smith from the Cure (with less whine) My homey Skarno and I agree awesome band! And he's a mad music snob yo! Also DC Ska Girl, Michelle from the NYC Ska myspace, anybody friendly that said "Hi!", the young ladies upstairs who love dancing and that security guy who shut that drunk girl down (It had to be done!) I'm listening to "Flicker" on Plifers MySpace page it's fantastic the live version yesterday really had me hyped!! Speaking o' Flikr I have mad pictures from last night up so peep it out! Right now I'm working on the logistics of getting Pilfers on the TV in February!

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