Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishes For 2008

Thank you for making this the most interesting year ever. My resolution is to be more compassionate and more understanding to friend and foe alike. I will be more honest with myself and others. I will take actions to improve myself in all directions, educationally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Tall order huh? When I was in Mercy college the Manhattan campus used to be inside this catholic school (it was before the Herald Square campus was built) I had this Literacy teacher that really inspired me. He had this vocal quality and and elocution that I just admired. When I asked him about it, he informed me that not only did he used to have an Spanish accent (not a bad thing) but he also had a terrible stutter. Only through practice and working with others he was able to gradually create this kickass voice. He imparted some knowledge that his abuelita used to tell him: "inch by inch every thing's a cinch." Only now, I think I'm beginning to comprehend. If I start with this small space of time (Right now) knowing the right thing to do through making an informed decision (through a a combination of gut feeling, researched information, and recommendations from others with experience in such matters) and then (most importantly) taking action.This positive cycle will be reinforced by the rewards that doing the right thing repeatedly brings. Only then life in the most Mary Poppinesqe way will become a cinch.

This in theory is all well and good but ask in me in a year how this all worked out. Happy 2008 Y'all. It's going to be a happy New Year...

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