Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Healthy Eats on NYC's Longest Street

No, not Broadway! Although it's mad long (it goes all the way to Albany if you let it) It is an avenue! Turn your sights over to 14th Street! This is NYC's longest street, spanning two and a half miles long. It is bookended by the Hudson River on the West to the East River (Where we dump the bodies... kidding..) This mighty thoroughfare was the first street in New York to get electric lampposts.

As you know this street with little bargain shops, cheap electronic stores and all sorts of fast food joints and bars each one seedier than the next, Where can I get my vegetarian grub on?

Drum roll please!

Thai ME Up is a cool sandwich shop with great salads, noodle bowls and other healthy goodies! Amir the owner is always on hand and made me a great smoothie! "I'd rather it taste healthy than it taste all super sweet with those high fructose corn syrups" I like the ambiance! He plays some really cool music! All the stuff on the menu can be made vegetarian or not. He even let me try some of the vegetarian dumplings! Great! He assures me the chicken ones are quite good too! I'm sure the menu is online, You can peep their city search page here. You feel free to write a review of your adventures in eating Also you can bum rush their myspace page that you can friend them at!
I'm sure their facebook page isn't far behind! Give them a try!

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