Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MondayTuesday in Canada

Monday: Ride in was very crampy. Met a nice Womens Studies Major named Betty. Met with my Uncle and his homeboy, Bobby and we took the train from Montreal to Sorel. Then we went shopping for everything that I eat. I have simple needs. then we had lunch. Enclosed is a picture of Lunch:

Sorry I said I was going to really stop posting pictures of my food up but Its what I do.

Exibit A: A yam and a salad made of lettuce, cucumbers, capers, red, green, orange, yellow and sweet long red peppers, carrots

Exibit B: Quinoa and kidney beans white and red with hot sauce, adobo and milled flaseeds.

Afterwards I went out and met with a freind from Sorel and hung out for a bit. then I came home and hung out on the porch with my family. My Uncle made Salmon and I had a smaller salad with 2 slices of wheat bread. Then we planned out the rest of the week and decided Weds was going to be Karaoke night! Yay! Emailed folks and went to bed after listening to the same song like a million times.

My cousin says I can get a job teaching English and stay in Canada. It sounds like a nice dream. Looking at the stars from this vantage point it almost seems feasable. Who knows what the future brings. For now Im happy to be on vacation.

Tuesday: I prayed, meditated and showered then I counted raisins:

63 sun maid raisins makes one ounce. put them on a napkin and make sure they dont touch each other. I dont take my travel scale across the border. I bet you can guess what kind of scenario that could create.

I count 27 squares of spoon sized shredded wheat. I make sure the grains of the cereal go up down up down up down. (look at photo closely for details) 27 squares is about ounce also. From there I add 3 teaspoons of flaxseeds for the needed amount and put them together in a tupperware sandwich case. I do this 3 more times. Note: at home I can do this 9 more times (see other blog entries) but time and tupperware constraints were upon me.
I chop up one banana and add one cup (8 ounces) of unsweetened soymilk. That is how I roll.

Next my Uncle and I went around Sorel Tracy and looked at the homes, some had homes with 2 cars, some had boats on their lawns one guy even had a plane. Then we went to visit my Aunt in the Cemetery. That was sad. I miss her. from there we came home and had lunch I ate the same thing I had yesterday. After lunch its been threatening to storm so we kicked back with Clash of the Titans then I broke out Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths I think hes digging it. Hes a very hip Uncle. Thats it for this moment more later. See ya!

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