Monday, November 10, 2008

Spanish Posters: The Saga of El Cata

My job has been relocated to Washington Heights. What do people do for entertainment out there you might ask? Well it seems from the street posters they go to clubs and see live music and comedy. What do I do for entertainment up there? I take pictures of them. They are so amusing to me. I don't think its on purpose. my favorite thing they do is put a blurry a low res picture with crisp lettering and background art. I understand the guys who make these posters are obviously talented but it's funny too. I'll try to share the silliness as I see them.

I stated seeing these posters in March 2007 but after this particular poster I started seriously photographing them. This one is Called "El Debate" Where these particular performers Sujeto and El Cata will be squaring off against each other at The Jet Set Club. The candidates have taken their positions on the issues concerning the party people of 'da Heights. Sujeto seeks to take the position of showing off his bling bling to bring the votes in while El Cata contends that he will be "holding things down" as noted by his outstretched hand."

El Cata must have won the debate because here is a victory poster with all sorts of champagne bottles in the background that I'm sure will be popping at his behest. As you can see by his photo he will also be keeping his campaign promise of "holding it down" (whatever "it" is.)

Heavy hangs the crown of the top gun in the Heights. El Cata has to defend his crown vs Shino in this one called "the batalla" Dont pay attention to the glove with the backwards Everlast logo . Foget Details! Don't Panic! El Cata is on the job! I can sleep a lil bit safer tonight!

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