Saturday, April 12, 2008

That's How People Grow Up

I was wasting my life,
Always thinking about myself

Someone on their deathbed said
there are other sorrows too...

I was driving my car,
I crashed and broke my spine

So yes there are things worse in life
than never being someone's sweetie.

"That's How People Grow Up"

Yep it's a song by Morrissey but also the mantra of my life. Things might outwardly look ugly right now with my situations but I assure you it is the chrysalis of my next evolutionary stage. The fleeting transitory state of my existance only makes me fully appreiciate what I have at this moment. I had an exceptional dream this morning about this song that haunted me. I also walked in the park an really enjoyed the sights and smells of the flora and fauna. We'll compare notes "In the Future When All's Well" (more Mozz) Big week coming will let you know as it procedes. Tired but happy.

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