Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Music I Drive People Crazy With

These are songs I listen to a lot in loops that drive my friends crazy with:

The Hanslick Rebellion
"You are Boring the S Out Of Me!"

This local group made goods video is mentioned in SPIN! It's adult angst at it's best!

Here they are performing on my show, Checkerboard Kids!

Lisa Peters aka the big Dub
Song: "Beautiful Girl" (Cover)
Top Irish Youtube entertainer, Lisa Peters star of the wildly popular 2am Show covers the song "Beautiful Girl". I've never heard the original.

Here is Lisa in NYC on my show with Rachel Trachtenburg! Link

Song: "Plus 81"
This vid is okay but for the real fun download this song off their myspace page! It's totally fresh!

I listened to this song like 20 times yesterday! (conservative guess)

Note theres a lot of tunes that I run into the ground but I cant find their videos yet! My latest favorite video is Indian Mtv VJ Lola Kutty in a cool Boney M Medley!

She is super cool!

"...Like a f- fool in a swimming p- P- Pool!"
~ Jimmy from South Park

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