Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Vex Now!" Among The Wisteria Pergola

Friday at last! I finished work without incident pehaps it'd because there's no students at school yet. This is the calm before the storm.

I went to MNN to assist my homeboy Vex on a outdoor "Chess Now" episode. He has big ideas about 3D on TV "Go for it!" says I! The Wisteria Pergola (added in 1985) in the Central Park Chess and Checkerhouse was beautiful but players avoided us (my theory was that they were chess hustlers that thought we were Americas Most Wanted trying to bust them but people spoke to us once we finished shooting!.

Yes we had a permit!

Since we couldn't get any players I played Vex and won one and drew the second. (Time constraints) I wish to get my Chess game up this year! In the Photo is Vex setting up with is a new producer from Budapest, She is seems eager to learn and will under Vex's wing. When I left Cinefiles this Thursday I saw Vex giving some of the up and comers a little on Picture in picture and Chromakey stuff! He's improving by leaps and by bounds!

Chess Now on Youtube

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