Wednesday, September 12, 2007

...And Now You're Burning!

This is a exclaimation I hear a lot in my school. The closest translation for "An Now You Burnin'!" is it is the 'hood vernacular for "..And now you feel stupid" Usually used to punctuate a point by adding a stinging insult to the injury of the protagonist (you) attempting to prove somebody wrong but alas, failing miserably. (The culpability of the antagonist withstanding.)

Despite the grandiose buildup, I regret to tell you dear reader that this blog entry actually isn't about that. This is about a really yummy dinner I made. I arrived home especially famished! I was especially excited about this meal because not only did I have Romaine Lettuce and Crispy Redleaf but I had the good fortune of finding some leftover Baby Spinach Salad to add to add to my repast! (I know, Woo-wee I'm living on the edge, right?) From there I added diced plum tomatoes, a goodly sum of flaxseed meal (omega 3's, What?!) then I added Organic Cut Leaf Spinach and Garbanzo beans with Bragg's Amino's and Trappey's Tobasco Sauce (just a touch to y'know, spice it up!) then I chopped up a Jalapeno Pepper and added that. I got a good sized Spoon and fork and tossed that salad right! I hearkened back to the Sidney Poitier educational drama "To Sir with Love" (based the 1959 book by E.R. Braithwaite) Sir teaches the students some real hands on life skills like making themselves a healthy meal. The kids were kinda stunned but eventually appriecative. I wiped away a tear thinking back to myself as a young kid in the '70s watching this on the late, late. late show on Channel 7 (WABC) on a Late Saturday night/ Sunday Morning after watching the old school "Not ready for prime time players" on SNL and Don Kirschner's Rock Concert.

Ow! My frigging eye is burning! No, seriously! Did I scratch my nose? Because now my nose is burning! swiftly I realilized I hadn't washed my hands after handling that Jalapeno! Hey, it could've been worse! I could have been unfortunate enough to have had the urge to a take a leak! Now that would have been an absolute scream!

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