Monday, January 10, 2011

Breakfast Query

Ah, home sweet home.

I had 4 boxes of Post Shredded Wheat already but felt compelled to snap up a couple more due to Duane Reades 2 boxes for $6 sale. Then I dipped down to Morton Williams for their sale on Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. (2 for $5) I currently have 8.

So my question is in 2 days (Jan 12th) I will make 10 breakfast servings that contain 1 oz Shredded Wheat. 1 oz Sun Maid Raisins. .5 oz Milled Flaxseed. 1 banana and and 8 oz of Pacific Organic Almond Non Dairy Beverage (Unsweetened Lo-Fat Vanilla) (Best Used by 5/13/11)

Each quart carton contains four 8 oz servings.

I have 11 boxes of Shredded Wheat that have 16.4 oz each (5 Boxes best used by 9/3/11 and 6 best used by 10/13/11)

How many days worth of cereal do I have ? Calculations say 180.4 if I round it off to 180 days I will have to purchase a new box of Shredded Wheat right before Monday, July 11th 2011. Perhaps I'll join a Costco or something by then and purchase it in bulk.

How much Almond Milk do I have? I possess 256 fluid ounces. If I divide that by 8 it gives me 32 days of milk. Weird number considering there's 32 oz in a quart but I digress. 32 days from Jan 12th dictates my Almond Milk reserve running dry Sunday, Febuary 13th 2011. Rats!

The question is how many more cartons of Almond Milk... (milk is such a misnomer - lets call a spade a spade) *Ahem* How many more cartons of Organic Almond Non Dairy Beverage should I purchase to catch up to my Shredded Wheat surplus?

Truth be told I desire to take some time out and check out some other Organic Non Dairy Beverage options like Oat Organic Non Dairy Beverage and Hazelnut Organic Non Dairy Beverage (unsweetened of course) In fact I'd have to stop because I would eventually start bumping into the May expiration date.

For more fun with food peep out my pal Zacks blog. He designed a spreadsheet program that will make him cool meals based on the nutritional values of certain foods. He is really having a lot of fun experimenting. I think he has the beginnings of a thesis paper here. Judge for yourself.

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