Friday, February 19, 2010

What exactly do I eat anyhoo?

Salutations all. It's been a hot minute since my last post. As of 3/1/10 I weighed in at 169.2 lbs, which begs the question: What the heck am I eating? I'm posting this now so I will never have to answer this question ever again. I can simply refer any curious person to this blog entry and their questions will be answered and the world spins.

Keep in mind I am a little ocd. Even as a child I categorized and stacked items like baseball cards and comic books in many different configurations. I do the same with food. I don't have to understand 'em, just rope 'em, throw em, brand 'em.

Breakfast: I eat the same thing 99% of the time 1 ounce of spoon sized shredded wheat (usually around 27 squares) 1 ounce sun maid raisins (approximately 63 raisins) .5 ounces milled flaxseed. 8 ounces (one cup) of unsweetened "Silk" soymilk (the green container, the regular has cane juice!) 1 banana and one centrum multivitamin. I use a polder travel scale to precisely weigh everything. I make at least 7 to 9 breakfasts at a clip so I dont have to do this every day like I did when I started this routine.

A friend told me there was a sale on shredded wheat so you can guess what I did: (My roomate walked in and said "Um.. What's this cereal display doing in the house?")

Dude! it was a dollar a box at Wallgreens! You woulda done it too except I cleaned em out!

Snacks: between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner I have one handheld fruit. I can have an orange, apple or pear. at this moment I prefer apples. I enjoy, honey crisps, cameo, pinova, galas, and golden delicious. I hate mealy apples like mackintosh and jonagold. Waxy apples like the incorrectly monikered red "delicious" super sweet ambrosia and winesaps. I am currently into Granny Smiths. The Iron Gym handbook extols the virtues of this apple so I'm holding that down. (Note all apples are face up, face down, face up...)

Lunch will be a salad of lettuce (I dig romaine, red, green, curly leaf and boston. I hate frisée and iceberg lettuce) Tomatoes (Vine ripened usually, heirloom when available) and 4 different peppers, cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts if use dressing it's balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, a lil' adobo or some sea salt. I mustn't forget the capers


I always like a baked potato. sometimes a yam or sweet potato. Tho I find yams sweeter than sweet potatoes, can you belive it?

the golden sweet potato is in the center then the yam.

Next I make a yum yum bumble bee salmon sandwich (in water) and I use veganaise. just read the ingredients and you'll never return to mayo again.

Dinner: actually I'll finish this later because this blog has reminded me it's time to eat! More later!


Karl H. said...

Great meal regimen. I just had Bariatric surgery, so I 'm trying to figure out how I will eat for the rest of my life. I like your meal flow, although I'm not sure I'm ready to give up Hellman's!

Peter Bernard said...

This blog needs new posts!! And a new profile photo!!!!