Monday, February 9, 2009

NYC Teachers in the Rubber Room

If you don't know about it I'll put it into nutshell. In NYC teachers are getting placed in these limbo like facilities while waiting for their court cases.

In New York City a growing number of teachers are being removed from schools and being reassigned to detainment centers. Nicknamed "the rubber room" these delapidated, makeshift prisons are meant to house them while they await their impending trials. While still on the payroll the innocent, guilty and just plain insane are thrown together to fend for themselves for sometimes several years before they see a trial or even receive their charges.

Theres a documentary on the subject as well as countless news articles and a episode of this American Life on the subject. If you want the latest scoop on the goings on check out Betsy Combiers Rubber Room Reporter blog. Betsy one day returned home to find her site suddenly linked to a dead page and she had to rebuild her site from scratch article by article. A oversight or sabotage! You decide. There are lots of higher ups that want this story buried but there are some justice loving folks that won't let it die! More info to come! Betsy also does an informative website for public school parents called

So you might wonder what exactly do people do while they're in the Rubber Room? Some get office work, and menial tasks. Some do obvious stuff like play cards, chess or try to avoid getting stabbed or choked over sitting in someones seat. I personally took full advantage of my time and wrote a book about my experiences. I'm in the process of creating a screenplay version of it. No, seriously. I think Michael Winslow would be perfect to play me. I'm sure he would chubby up for the role...


Within These Walls Cirano Z shares his experiences in music form.

on the Rubber Room Song Jason Trachtenburg from the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow players co pens and pulls double duty on this ode to NYC Rubber Room Teachers trapped in the system. Catherine Dudley on Violin.

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