Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Butt (head) in a Sling

This is Madness! No this is Lateral Epicondylitis. Yep Tennis Elbow. There was an old Peanuts cartoon where Lucy Van Pelt gets it but they use it's old monicker "washer womans elbow". Rich people got angered so the changed it to "Tennis Elbow". Whatever it is it hurts like heck especially when shaking hands or attempting to pick things up. The way I got it is nuts! Putting pressure on my ebow while using the mouse stretched out on my bed. The correct way to use a computer is at a desk. I'm learning the hard way! best one ever I kept reinjuring and reinjuring myself using the mouse, writing, shaking hands etc. Now I'm in a sling to insure I wont keep up this buttheaded behavior. If I don't let it heal this will become a chronic ailment! And I'm not trying to hear that.

PS: This was typed at a desk with my left hand. I don't how you lefties can stand it!?

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