Friday, November 23, 2007

Yin & Yang Wendys

Fall has Fallen: Rockland, NY 2007

This post was originally titled "Why Wendy's sucks" but truth be told it doesn't. It just did something that pissed me off. So first I'll say something I like about this particular fast food chain then I'll get down to my particular "beef" with them. Feels fair to me.

Something Nice: I respect Dave Thomas and all the great work he did helping kids. Also Chocolate Frosties rule.

Naughty Wendy: As a vegetarian so I think I know my way around a salad so when the tofurkey did a Caesar's Salad get Bacon? the only vegetarian item and you hadta add meat? I understand a little bit of anchovy it's actually in the recipe but bacon? In addition to dissing veggies you're alienating two of the the major 3 religions. not a particularly good power move there.

Update 12/19/7 : here's a pic of me @ MNN with a big Yin & Yang

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