Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Superhero Underdog Turns 50

As a child I watched the exploits of the superhero, Underdog. I never thought I would get the opportunity to actually hang out with the living embodiment of him. Enter performance artist, Suzanne Muldowney. I'd seen her at the Old Creation Comic conventions and thanks to the great folks at the Beyond Vaudeville Program (an old school public access staple that inspired my show Checkerboard Kids) I not only got to meet Suzanne but I got to travel with her to many parades, talk and hang out with her and even after over twenty plus years call her a friend. Before this year is over she would like would like to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live again as well as make the rounds on all the news media. (all except one, if you know who I mean.)

If you'd like to read some of Suzannes writings about Underdog you can check out the old Muldowneyville website. Theres all a bunch of old photos and stuff about Suzanne.

In 1994 we celebrated Underdogs 30th together. Twenty years later, Oct 3rd 2014 Underdog the Superhero Turns 50. She has been looking forward to this day for as long as I've known her. So I'm so pleased to air the Checkerboard Kids: Underdog 50th Anniversary special. In (Hi-Definition no less!)

Right now I'm awaiting the statement Suzanne wrote for this day. Watch this spot. I should post it within the day.

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