Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014

If you thought I'd be hob-nobbing at some Mtv Beach House or something like that you were sadly mistaken. Actually this years spring break is a major stay-cation. I am taking time out for for fun though. On Monday I met up with Zack and we headed out to Rego Park to catch up with The New York City Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup Group. We had a love meal at a new vegetarian /vegan buffet called Simple Veggie Cuisine. (95-26 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY, US). On out way home we noticed the moon was looking kind of strange not realizing it was a blood moon on its way to a lunar eclipse.

Here's me finishing my pumpkin soup appetizer.

My dinner was Buddhist Delight, tofu shrimp, "Lion Head" non-meatballs and brown rice with vegetables. And I had the meatless spare ribs. I also tried they vegetarian sushi which used brown rice. Very delicious!

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