Thursday, March 28, 2013

All I Really Want Is To Be Happy

I want to be happy.

A friend and I were just discussing if 50% of my mood is determined by genetics (ouch!) and 10% is external circumstances I really have to do my best with the remaining 40% which is determined by my actions and thoughts. I guess eating right, getting exercise (Argh! My doctor ultimately was right with that pat advice he gave lo those many years ago when I was 300 lbs and trying to erringly convince him to give me diet pills.) That leaves the thought part. Meditation. Prayer. Thinking positively and wishing well for every living being on this planet. Throw in some comic books, Ska, Chillstep and J-Pop music and I really can't lose. Onward and upwards.


Douglas Kramer said...
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Doug Kramer said...

All you really want is to be happy? You said 2012 was the best year of your entire life & your not happy? How is that possible? How could someone be unhappy during the best year of their life? It's either one or the other not both. Try to determine what is making you unhappy & fix the situation.