Saturday, June 25, 2011

Phil's Day

Thank goodness its Saturday!

Woke up. Strange dream last night that I was living in a strange house with a million different roomates. Gahh. what a mess. Glad my roomate is such a chill dude.

Phone has a email message from the union. Teacher layoffs have been averted. That's good news.

Prayed. Brushed teeth. exercised, took a breakfast out of the cabinet. 3 days of prepared breakfasts left. I'd better get on that and make more. I meditated for 10 minutes. Kept being distracted by my life. Be still.

Took shower. Did a little cleaning. Spoke to Jen and Ned. I gathered some clothes to take to the cleaners.

Busting woman at the cleaners hump for not sewing my pocket like I requested. I was taken aback when she pointed out she did sew the pocket as requested and I was whining about the other pocket.

Ouch! I totally had to humble up. I got totally pwned. In my face.

I ran to class through Tompkins Square Park and got there on time. Tai Chi class was great. we went nice and slow. I like when my sensei shows me the practical applications to the moves.

Texting with my homey Tesfa about how Green Lantern could have been better and how I had no expectations on Xmen first class (in fact I expected it to suck but it didn't.)

Met up with my pal Ladd he is very wise. For lunch I went to Number 1 on 1st avenue for Steamed vegetables w tofu, cashew nuts, brown rice, black bean sauce on the side. I was trying to concentrate on my meal but there was this big mosquito with a menacing probiscus. Stay away from me! I don't want to kill you. hmn maybe i can lose myself in the place-mat about the Chinese Zodiac. I am a Fire Sheep so lets see what it says:

Sheep people are creative and elegant. Sheep are somewhat quiet, timid and prefer anonymity. Sheep tend to have a difficult time with romance. Anyone who couples up with a Sheep must be aware that this Sign has a hypersensitive streak and can be subject to periodical anxiety over seemingly insignificant things.

Gahh. No comment. Pwned by a placemat. Maybe that mosquito has Malaria or Dengue Fever!

I saw the local video store place was having a sale. They had the first season of Big Bang Theory so I snapped it up. I also bought an animated Underdog DVD I may have already had but whatever.

Today I am excited because I am making something new for dinner. this might seem old hat for you but I have adhered to a small list of maybe four different dinners for the past two years. I have all the weapons of war assembled (ingredients) but I cannot cook it in my 3.5 qt Cuisinart sauteing pan. Sauteing is for slow cooking at a low heat while stir frying involves high heat. In order to accomplish my goal, I will need a wok. Just as well because I always wanted a wok ever since I met this woman Debby at the TV station who swore by her wok and always made kick ass meals.

So off to the Broadway Panhandler on 8th st. I got a special Joyce Chen Pro Chef 14" Excalibur Nonstick Wok: 2.0mm carbon steel construction. Reinforced Excalibur nonstick interior coating is perfect for high heat and tough enough for metal tools. It has a 25 year guarantee. W00t! I also got a Joyce Chen angled bamboo spatula and 5" Stainless Steel Strainer, Handy for scooping foods out of hot oil, boiling water, or simmering broth.

From there I went to Casey Rubber Stamp Design at 322 East 11th Street (b/w 1st and 2nd aves) to order a rubber stamp for my address. John the owner keeps it so real and knows his stuff so he get my official rubber stamp of approval. I also bought 2 new stamps. One is a unicorn and an atom for my collection. I also bought 10 granny smith apples from the fruit stand $2 for 5. Ya just cant beat that for the apples size.

Once I got home I put away my stamps and washed my apples with Dr Bronners Peppermint soap. perfect for fruit and vegetables!

This would be the section where I talk about my delicious dinner but I am exhausted so I will make a separate blog for this grand event. suffice it to say I made it ate it, washed and dried the dishes and put them all away.

Ever since I bought my new sketchbook I am going to attempt to draw in it every day. today I drew a picture of myself.

From here I'm going to pray and go to bed. it is 2:09am Reminder to mention that to Peter. That's his number.

More tomorrow.

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Past 2 Present said...

"Strange dream last night that I was living in a strange house with a million different roomates. Gahh. what a mess. Glad my roomate is such a chill dude."

Maybe the House being Strange represents how you feel about the past & all those roommates of yours were probably Chill at one time until somthing happened to them by someone or some people. Prayer and meditation will not erase the past. Nothing will. What's done is done & cannot ever be undone. That is just the way of things.