Saturday, February 26, 2011

Step by Step: The Perfect Breakfast

Breakfast by steps. I take pictures of what I eat so may as well blog about it.

1. Lay out tupperware in a pleasant arrangement, lids at close proximity.

2. Assemble the weapons of war: Shredded Wheat, Sun Maid raisins, Milled Flaxseed. I usually get things in twos so I don't run out during this delicate process.

3. Use scale to measure 1 oz of Shredded Wheat (27 Squares if you don't have your scale on hand) 1 oz raisins (about 63) and .5 ounces Milled Flaxseed (about 3 teaspoons) Ive been doing this for around 2 years so I can pretty much eyeball it.

4. Place lids on cereal making a pleasant checkerboard pattern. Make sure to settle cereal using a crumble game term called squarification (basically shake it a little so the flaxseed moves to the bottom of the tupperware.) Do this previous to putting the lid on so static electricity doesn't draw the milled flaxseeds to the lid depriving you of precious molecules of flaxseed that you have carefully have measured out. I don't like to upset this precious balance of nutrition.

5. Stack them in order. Place neatly in cupboard. Stare. Close cupboard. Feel safe in the knowledge you wont have to do this again for about 10 days.

6. take vitamins, get Almond unsweetened vanilla non dairy beverage from refrigerator and 1 banana. Pour 8 ounces of Almond unsweetened vanilla non dairy beverage into measuring cup. Open cupboard select a tupperware of breakfast: round ones go first, purple second blue third. return Almond unsweetened vanilla non dairy beverage to refrigerator. Say grace, eat breakfast. Wash dishes thoroughly. Check pantry to see of you're running low on any supplies. Make list. Purchase. No buying any impulse items. Stick to the list always. No deviations.

Enjoy day.

I have since switched from Pacific Almond unsweetened vanilla non dairy beverage to Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla non dairy beverage. its creamier.

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