Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comic Books and Alan Alda vs Burgess Meredeth on Naked City

Lately, I've been on this Naked City kick, renting them from the library and such. The latest episode, the opening episode of its fourth and final season, "Hold For Gloria Christmas" had a fantastic story with Burgess Meredeth as this alcoholic, beat poet in the village (filmed on location) with this cool poetry showdown with a very hip Alan Alda going toe to toe with Meredeth.

My favorite fanboy moments from this great episode are incidental. Two times the visit the newstand on Christopher St. and the first time theres a new copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the first appearance of Spider Man)

This all must have been filmed August 1962 because later on Adam Flint (Paul Burke) returns to grill the blind newstand owner and whats there but "Journey into Mystery" #83 (first appearance by Thor)

Do you desire to see this fine episode? if you are into downloading torrents the episode is available on mininova!


Josh Neufeld Comix and Stories said...

So cool on so many levels! It's so rare that my Alda/comix obsessions converge — not to mention a little "Rocky" thrown in, thanks to Burgess Meredith. Now if only they were reading baseball poems, I would be heaven!

Thanks for the Mininova link — not that I would ever endorse such downloading activity

Peter Bernard said...

What the hell is naked city? Sounds cool, how do I not know about it? I love watching Car 54 for the footage of the Bronx and Manhattan in those days. Does hulu have this show?

Delmo said...

Jesus Christ! You're into Naked City too? I have all of the episodes Image Entertainment released commercially. I'm hoping at some point that Sony/Columbia gets off their ass and releases the complete series on dvd!