Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday Crumble

What a great Birthday! it was tons of fun! I got lots of sweet messages via facebook, emails and my cellphone runneth over with well wishers. I really feel loved this year. Most importantly, I feel happy about myself. I spent some quality time with my friend Zack Brown who shadowed my whole day from early morning to late evening. We hung as I went on with my days errands. I also called my friend Judy who it was her birthday too (YEAH!) Zack and I laughed and played chess and ran around all over NYC.

Zack in addition to creating Kernel Traffic and working for Google has also also invented a fun new game called Crumble (Patent pending) It's a strategy game along the lines of Chess and Go it starts with a checkerboard pattern so you know I like it! I invited him to come onto the Checkerboard Kids Program and talk about it! I think it would be a perfect candidate for The International Abstract Games Organization (IAGO) I highly encourage everyone to take a look and give it a try! and don't forget his Crumble blog! Go cop that!

Zack playing Crumble in Sony Plaza, NYC

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Lauren said...

Zack called to let me know about your birfday-day in the city yesterday. Happy b-day, Phil! And congrats on your personal successes this past year. Keep up the radness.