Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Answering Your Mail

On Oct 17th Lauren O writes in:

"Phil, what gives? you never write in your blog. i'm subscribed to it in google reader, y'know. i demand content!"

Phil Responds: You are right Lauren. I'll try to respond more often. I oft come up with ideas for a blog but I lose it in the shuffle of life. Thanks for reminding me not to front like the great pumpkin

I just got back from the studio. Totally dog tired Today's band rushed down here from Montreal, Canada. A fun little group called One Night Band, here are some pictures from the production, the video is below.

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Joseph Edward Ryan said...

hey, whats up. I'm a comic book writer, you want to colab in a comic/panel? Or do you go solo? email if you are interested:, or contact me via my blog.