Monday, June 22, 2020

Fireworks: An Open Letter from Ms. Suzanne Muldowney

To whom it may concern: 
despite the joy and patriotic pride at the Fourth of July generates annually, the holiday also generates danger, injury risks, noise pollution and fire hazards.

 Since this coming July 4th marks 150 years of it being a national holiday, both the government and the citizenry should take advantage of the occasion to ban permanently the sources of the aforementioned side/ after effects FIRECRACKERS and FIREWORKS.

 Over time these explosives have done more harm than good. With the current COVID-19 rules to stay home numberless households may be tempted to shoot off firecrackers in their individual backyards. The abrupt loud noises create noise pollution, fire hazards since individual homes are so close and frighten people of all ages since hearing cannot be adjusted to split-second noises the way it can be for steady continuous sounds. 

Fireworks are also an abrupt-noise source, although they are continuously launched over a several-hour time period. They are also fire hazards because they explode high in the air; there have been instances over time of falling debris causing injuries and deaths. Fireworks unnecessarily cause disruption and/ or lack of sleep for those in most need of it: babies, very young children, sick hospital patients, assisted-living patients and next day workers; a typical exhibition never starts until at least 9PM and never finishes until 10:30PM to midnight, when sleep is needed.

 Birds and animals whether domestic, captive or wild know nothing about the holiday and can be traumatized by the loud noises. Also consider veterans who may be unnerved by abrupt, loud noises that may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

It is up to all in the United States, especially to its highest leaders, to put an end to firecrackers and fireworks that result in more harm than good!!!

Ms. Suzanne Muldowney

Suzanne as Olympic Figure Jogger (1985)

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hootinouts said...

I couldn't agree with Ms Muldowney more. I am intolerant of all noise pollution. it seems that every year this world just gets louder due to inconsiderate people who just want attention.